Algae Reproduction Skid Systems

Algae reproduction skid systems
Algae Reproduction Skid System

Algae Live Feed Production

Algae LFP Unit operation is based on LED triggered photosynthesis efficiently improving Algae reproduction. The heat that is generated by the photosynthesis’ lights is removed by an air current created from a blower through a ventilation shaft on the Skid surface.

Furthermore, the circulation pump and the cooling blower are controlled by VFD for fine-tuning their function. Required chemicals can be introduced into the circuit by a dosing pump that is part of the skid. Also, CO2 gas can be infused via a port with a solenoid valve.

Unique features of algae LFP skids

  • Efficient Algae reproduction by LED triggered photosynthesis.
  • VFD units are utilized for fine-tuning the circulation pump and cooling blower.
  • A dosing pump is included in the Skid for the required chemicals.
  • CO2 gas infusion port with solenoid valve is available.
  • LED Ballast Panel & Main Control Panel.
  • PLC controlled panel with HMI Screen.
  • The fabrication process offers a resistant and robust product.
  • MAT Algae LFP Unit range covers Marine and Freshwater application.

Algae Reproduction Skid Systems - SPECIFICATIONS

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