Degassing Solutions

Degassing Solutions
Degas Towers for Fish Farms and Aquaculture Applications

Degas Tower Solution for Fish Farming and Aquaculture Applications

The Degas Towers are fixed-bed, aerated, biological filters designed to provide and enhance the gas exchange and nitrification process. The Degas Towers are fabricated from Polypropylene the appropriate material to withstand the harsh operational conditions of Aquatic Life Support Systems with Fire rating Class A EN85.

Aeration Tower Size Comparison
Size of a Deaeration Tower compared to a human.

The Degas Tower receives the pre-filtered effluent wastewater and trickles it through aerated fixed bed solid media (PE bio balls), for nitrification and gas exchange – deaeration.

Biomedia is installed inside the Degas Towers to offer the maximum surface area not only for the microorganisms’ nitrification activity but also for the gas exchange process for restoring the levels of CO2 and O2 up to the required values.

MAT-KULING Degas equipment design includes a service hatch on top, manway on the side, two grating layers to hold the biomedia packing volume stable inside the tower, level indicator, drain valve, and brackets for stilling well on the external sides of the Tower. The Unit is hydro tested prior to the second layer welding and at the end of production as a complete product.

Components of Degas Towers

The assembly components are fabricated to maintain high resistance to corrosion from sea/saltwater in contact. Indicative material used for fabrication:

  • Food grade PP with a minimum thickness of 5 mm for the body of the tower
  • Side manway &observation of the window made from acrylic
  • Bolts & nuts from Delrin
  • Valves from uPVC

The MAT Deaeration Towers are currently being installed at the largest aquatic facility of the world, located in the Middle East! More details will be published soon!

Aquaculture Overflow Launders

Degassing Solution - Launders for Fish Farms - Aquaculture
Launders are used as degassing solution in intensive land based fish farming applications.

The Overflow Effluent Launder is a robust structural element built of PP (Polypropylene) and it allows the water to trickle and degas through its gradual flow design. It is used in industrial effluent wastewater treatment and in intensive land based fish farming applications as a degassing / aeration solution. MAT-KULING manufactures custom overflow effluent launders according to each fish farm design specifications.

Degassing Solutions - SPECIFICATIONS

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