Filtration Systems for Hatcheries

Latest R&D by MAT-KULING leads to the design and fabrication of RAS equipment which secures the water parameters of hatcheries.

Filtration Systems for Hatcheries - Phytoplankton Grower for Larvae Feeding

Why Recirculating Filtration Circuit on a Hatchery?

Traditionally, all hatcheries whether marine or fresh, have been using “open tap practices” to feed water to the hatchery tanks. It is now proved that, larvae and fries are very sensitive to slight difference in water quality. It is time for investors not to depend on weather conditions and bad luck coming from an invisible attack.

The last 10 years have been revolutionary in developing the proper equipment to secure the biological support on hatcheries and fish farms in general. Latest R&D by MAT-KULING has led to the design and fabrication of operation friendly RAS equipment to provide the systems to secure the water parameters of fish farms, but in the same time, keeping the farm sustainable.

Recirculating Aquaculture Fish Farm Rendering
Recirculating Aquaculture Fish Farm Rendering

Why MAT-KULING Technology?

We fabricate equipment to support life, and we are proud of this. We have been in the business of biologically charged water filtration for over 25 years. Our expertise has come from many years of designing and fabricating equipment for a highly competitive industry. World’s largest production of farmed marine fish is in the Mediterranean Sea, where MAT has its fabrication facility.

Our development resulted from working with competitive and pioneer investors seeking for solutions in an ever demanding industry. MAT-KULING is continuously developing simpler and more effective equipment expanding its range of equipment biannually. We carry equipment for the RAS support of all farmed living organisms marine or fresh water.

Aquaculture Hatchery Engineering

Our aim is to provide tested engineering solutions at a sustainable cost using proper long lasting quality components on our RAS systems. We cooperate with multiple independent RAS designer firms and has the capacity to support properly the farm owners and operators. Our facility has been fabricating OEM for other aquaculture specialist vendors equipment and is welcoming such cooperations, respecting NDA’s and clients’ rights.

MAT-KULING is collaborating with insurance policy providers to reassure that our RAS engineering complies with most fish farms insurance coverage policies. Our engineers are continuously seeking to develop solutions that cover the diverse needs of fish farms and RAS consultants we cooperate with. Our engineering solutions are covered under a CAR global policy that meets the requirements of our clientele.


Compete Recirculating Aquaculture System

RAS Skid Filtration Units

Fully integrated plug & play and factory tested RAS filtration technology. It covers mechanical, biological, chemical and disinfection filtration processes and state of the art monitoring with low energy consumption and ease of operation. RAS Skids are tailor made solutions to fit your needs, site conditions and available space.

Freshwater Protein Skimmer Aquaculture

Freshwater Protein Skimmers

Seafood farmers, especially Salmon Farmers, requested MAT-KULING to develop an efficient Freshwater Protein Skimmer able to perform in fresh and brackish water conditions and installed for land based salmon tanks. The protein skimmer is an add-on to the existing filtration setup.

Foam Fractionator Aquaculture

Protein Skimmers – Foam Fractionators

The Protein Skimmers made of PE & PP bodies come ready with Venturi pumps, automated protein foam level control, skimmer cap sludge autowash, control panel & ozone/oxygen intake. Assembled and hydrotested ready for installation.

Ozone Generators suitable for Aquaculture Farms & Fish Hatcheries

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators designed and tested for RAS applications. Fabricated in respect with EU & US HSE guidelines in our factory with quality components easy to repair or replace. Equipped with control panel and optionally with oxygen concentrators, air chillers and air dryers.

Pressurized Steel Filter Aquaculture

Pressurized Mechanical Filters – Aquaculture

Pressurized Mechanical Filters with Glass Media which provide filtration below 5 microns. MAT-KULING Glass Media Pressurized vessels are vinylester coated for ozone oxidation protection & fabricated to last high salinity environments. They may come fully automated and equipped with PLC and SCADA interface.

MBBR Aquaculture Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Filter

Moving Bed Biofilter Reactors (MBBR)

The MBBR filters are made of PP plastic and they are designed to create proper media swell, allowing maximum bacteria oxygenation with minimal backwash requirements. Filled with floating biomedia will provide optimum biological filtration support.