Land Based Aquaculture – Fish Farming

MAT-KULING land based aquaculture farming technology offers engineering solutions for sustainable farming, a common statement used by many specialists online, but we at MAT-KULING have a solid competitive advantage.

Land based aquaculture

Why cooperate with MAT-KULING in Land Based Aquaculture Farms?

Take advantage of our expertise and get benefited from working directly with a one stop shop equipment manufacturer that can deliver all RAS water treatment components. Working with MAT-KULING will give you direct access to the primary fabricator of all the RAS water treatment equipment needed on fish farms, skipping local distributors and wholesalers overhead fees.

MAT-KULING fabricates its own RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) equipment.

What we Offer for Fish Farms?

Our contracting department covers all the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) involved elements in the development of a large scale fish farm. We take care of every aspect from design to procurement, fabrication, and any MEP contracting related activity. We will cooperate with your selected civil and MEP contractor and will set the specifications providing detailed shop drawings to build.

Building large scale intensive production fish farms involves a civil works contractor and a specialty MEP contractor. MAT-KULING fabricates and trades its own RAS equipment, as well as using certified MEP components of other fabricators to deliver a complete intensive fish farming system. Our procurement relations with many reputable OEM fabricators such as pump manufacturers, UV systems, RO systems, PVC and HDPE pipe manufacturers, and other MEP vendors, allows us to offer the complete MEP package for a fish farm project.

Large scale farming mostly involves concrete built reservoirs for holding tanks and biological sewers. We have the in-house team to design and set the specifications for civil contractors to build such structures with the right MK inserts to secure optimum performance. MAT-KULING has successfully delivered projects in over 32 countries and has the capacity and expertise to mobilize its contracting team wherever this is requested.

Tailor made ras skid equipment on land based aquaculture fish farm
Tailor Made RAS Skid Equipment on Land Based Aquaculture Fish Farm

Why MAT-KULING Scalable Cluster Intensive RAS equipment?

Recirculating aquaculture farm
Recirculating Aquaculture Farm

MAT-KULING has the reputation of designing and fabricating equipment that provide complete RAS filtration in the smallest possible footprint. We work on our own designs, having one principle, to provide the best water parameters for the living animals we support their lives whilst keeping the financial budget on track. Offering the best possible water conditions has an immediate effect on the production yield. Thus it makes our designs more sustainable than traditional technologies used in other farms.

We understand well the fact, that fish farm profits are generated from high volume production yield. Consequently, we design and build scalable cluster filtration units. This allows the fish farms to develop faster without having to design new systems each time they need to extend the capacity and interchange spare parts when and if needed.


Compete recirculating aquaculture system

RAS Skid Filtration Units

Fully integrated plug & play and factory tested RAS filtration technology. It covers mechanical, biological, chemical and disinfection filtration processes and state of the art monitoring with low energy consumption and ease of operation. RAS Skids are tailor made solutions to fit your needs, site conditions and available space.

Freshwater protein skimmer aquaculture

Freshwater Protein Skimmers

Seafood farmers, especially Salmon Farmers, requested MAT-KULING to develop an efficient Freshwater Protein Skimmer able to perform in fresh and brackish water conditions and installed for land based salmon tanks. The protein skimmer is an add-on to the existing filtration setup.

Foam fractionator aquaculture

Saltwater Protein Skimmers

The Protein Skimmers made of PE & PP bodies come ready with Venturi pumps, automated protein foam level control, skimmer cap sludge autowash, control panel & ozone/oxygen intake. Assembled and hydrotested ready for installation.