Ozone Contact Chambers

Ozone Contact Chambers
Ozone Contact Chambers provide the ideal way to infuse ozone gas into fresh & saline water filtration systems. Pressurized vessels, equipped with pressure feed pump and control panel. Designed for safe and ease operation, may come equipped with monitoring ORP and Redox probes.

Inhouse fabrication ozone generator contact chambers

MAT-KULING decided to design ozone generators contact towers from scratch. Our equipment derived after spending over 3 years in R&D and field trials. Traditionally it was considered that providing a standard pressurized chamber for the ozone to be infused in water was enough. MAT-KULING has the field expertise from operating large ozone generators in saline and fresh water farm systems and understands that there are multiple details that need to be addressed in order to secure the brood-stock of the fish farm. Details in the design and safe operation of the device are unique on MAT-KULING ozone contact chambers.


Ozone is a gas that needs to be infused into water under a compressed infusion process, in multiple points of a filtration system. In saline water, protein fractionators (skimmers) are traditionally used to achieve this through a venturi device, infusing ozone mixed with air into the water column.

Latest developments have shown us that the infusion of ozone is not best achieved only by using this venturi infusion. Thus, a pressurized vessel needs to be implemented to infuse ozone into the fresh water column under a pressurized mixture. Moreover, In fresh water filtration systems, protein fractionation is not so common. Therefore the ozone contact tower is a mandatory component of a RAS farm.


Our engineering department is in position to assist our clients in selecting the proper equipment. We have the expertise to train your technical staff how to use ozone safely. The Ozone Contact Chambers are suitable for any fresh and saline water aquaculture application. All components used on our Ozone Contact Towers are tested for ozone oxidation and saline vapors corrosion. Contact MAT today to find out how Ozone can alter the production yield of your fish farm.

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