Freshwater Protein Skimmers

Freshwater protein skimmers
Freshwater Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmers for Salmon Hatcheries

Freshwater fish farmers, especially salmon farmers, requested MAT-KULING to develop a Freshwater Protein Skimmer able to perform in fresh and brackish water conditions and installed in salmon pre-smolt stages tanks.

The protein skimmer is an add-on to the existing filtration setup. By adding a protein skimmer to the hatchery filtration RAS, the farm aims for 20% or more enhancement of water quality and significant improvement in biomass capacity per tank.

Engineering & Operation

How does a Large Protein Skimmer / Foam Fractionator work?

The protein skimmer / foam fractionator produces fine and thick constant air bubbles in order to generate sufficient skimming. The skimmer is installed in pre-smolt stage freshwater tanks. This is the stage that farms need better water parameters to achieve optimal salmon growth. The concern is that these pre-smolt tanks run on fresh water and traditional protein skimmers could not achieve significant foam fractionation.

Our design and engineering department spent over 12 months testing different venturi injectors on skimmer bodies while feeding tank water with special venturi pumps to obtain the needed pressure and achieve high levels of air infusion into the water cyclone within the skimmer body. After many trials and FEA studies, our fresh water protein skimming is now achieving equal if not better to salt water viscous results.

NIVA Results Up to 70% Particles Removal in MAT-KULING Freshwater Protein Skimmers

In 2020 the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), Norway’s leading Non For Profit Institute for fundamental and applied research on marine and freshwater performed an independent, nonpaid field trial on MAT-KULING Freshwater Protein Skimmers. View below the research results.

Percentage of particles removal diagram in mat-kuling freshwater protein skimmers tested by niva
Percentage of Particles Removal in MAT-KULING Freshwater Protein Skimmers Tested by NIVA

Advanced Presmolt Salmon Filtration Equipment

It is very important that our fresh water protein skimmers contribute significantly to farms biosecurity by obtaining far better water parameters to existing tanks. Our equipment is designed from scratch and delivers the best quality of protein removal from any other equivalent foam fractionator in the market. Better water quality results to more fish and feed in the same tank.

Automatic Foam Level Controller for Protein Skimmers

The new freshwater protein skimmer has an upgraded body, high efficiency protein cap collector, higher head pump, new specially designed Venturi and optionally, we offer foam level automated controllers. The new automation is a must-have addition for those farms that seek to operate under controlled fresh water conditions.

Automatic foam level controller for protein skimmer
Automatic foam level controller for Protein Skimmer

View below technical data, specifications and competitive pricing for your salmonid hatchery or any other demanding fresh water aquaculture application.


Freshwater Protein Skimmers - SPECIFICATIONS

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