Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAF)

Dissolved air flotation systems (daf)
Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) by MAT-KULING is a superior physical/chemical technology designed to treat a variety of industrial and municipal processes and wastewater streams. DAF systems are widely implemented to achieve multiple treatment objectives such as:

  • Plant Discharge Wastewater Treatment and Recovery
  • Food Packing, Processing Plant Discharge Water Treatment
  • Land-Based Aquaculture Discharge Water Treatment
  • Pretreatment for sewer discharge compliance
  • Reduction of loading on downstream biological systems
  • Polishing of biological treatment effluent
  • Biosolids thickening
Daf automated scraper skimmer
DAF Automated Scraper Skimmer

Our DAF systems effectively remove total suspended solids (TSS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and oils and greases (O&G) from wastewater by utilizing a dissolved air-in- water solution produced by injecting air under pressure into a recycle stream of clarified DAF effluent. This solution is mixed with incoming wastewater, where the dissolved air forms micron-sized bubbles that attach to contaminants, facilitating their removal and achieving a reduction of total suspended solids by up to 90%, reducing the COD and obtaining a sludge dryness of around 6%.

MAT-KULING DAF system is an extensive surface flotation clarification unit with crossflow separation capabilities for sludge and water. Designed to handle wastewater streams heavily loaded with suspended solids and various impurities, this system provides a vast flotation area to effectively manage the separated sludge capable of processing up to 40 kg of dry matter per square meter.

Daf lamella plate pack
DAF Lamella plate pack

Advantages of DAF

  • Pre-Assembled, Skid-Mounted Configuration – Delivers a ready-toinstall setup, minimizing the need for on-site assembly.
  • Non-Corrosive Tank Construction from PP & PE: Engineered for durability – The tank is designed to resist flexing under operational stress. – Available in also 304, 316, and 316L Stainless Steel tank constructions.
  • Space-Efficient Design with Integrated Plate Pack: – Ideal for spaceconstrained environments, offering compact and efficient use of space.
  • Uniform High-Quality Production and Advanced Manufacturing: -Ensures consistent and superior product quality, leveraging cutting-edge production technology.
  • Streamlined Flow for Enhanced Separation Efficiency: – Improves the effectiveness of the separation process, leading to better contaminant removal.
  • Efficient Rectangular Design: – Maximizes space utilization with its compact rectangular shape.
  • High-Quality Drive and Pump Components: -Ensures long-term dependability with premium quality components.
  • Customization Options Available with Minimal Effect on Delivery Timelines or Costs

DAF Standard Features

  • DAF is made of a non-corrosive tank,
  • Skimmer
  • settling structure
  • sludge/water connections,
  • air supply, pneumatic panel, and air supply valve
  • recirculation pump.
  • Lamella Plate Pack (only DAF-L models)

DAF Optional Features

  • Pressure (White Water Contact) Tank
  • Incorporated Skid-Mounted Flocculation Tubing: In-line flocculator —with Floculant, Coagulant, Costing dosing points, sampling and pH sensor taps.
  • Coagulant dosing pump.
  • Caustic soda dosing pump.
  • Flocculant (polyelectrolyte) preparation and dosing system.
  • pH sensor
  • Dosing Line Flowmeters
  • Sludge Pump
  • Sludge Screw Extractor
  • Flotation Tank Level Sensor
  • Process Flow Monitoring Sensor
  • Sludge Level Measurement
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids) Monitoring in Inlet and Outlet
  • Smart Control Panel with Relay Logic and Microcontroller
  • PLC/HMI for operational flexibility
  • Access Platforms and Staircases
  • Flotation Tank Cover/Lid.

Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAF) - SPECIFICATIONS

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