Pumps for Fish Farms & Aquaculture Applications

Pumps for Fish Farms & Aquaculture Applications
MAT specifically designed Speck pumps are fabricated using materials robust to diverse salt water and acid liquids. Minerals and salt which could crystallize do not come into contact with the motor or bearings. Silent pumps, easy to maintain. MAT keeps immediate need spare parts that can be dispatched upon your call. All Speck pumps arrive, fish safe ( no chemicals in contact chamber) checked and tested by MAT.


MAT-KULING is cooperating with SPECK PUMPS, a reliable manufacturer with service centers around the world. MAT-KULING designed SPECK pumps to meet the corrosion resistant requirements of saline water, offering a wide range of pumps delivering from 4 m³/h up to 250 m³/h.

The special version AK pumps correspond to the standard versions of the BADU program, however they are designed for use in diverse salt water and problem medias. Media that could potentially leak or minerals and salts which could crystallise do not come into contact with the motor or bearings. Therefore this ensures considerably longer operating times for these fields of application compared to the standard version.

Our pumps are fabricated to withstand harsh operating conditions and to transfer acidic and saline fluids. To achieve this, the pump motor and bearings are completely isolated from fluids that could contaminate them, ensuring longer operating periods than the standard Speck pump version models. Maintenance of the pump is simple due to the large strainer canister and the robust materials used.


Our pumps fit perfectly in aquaculture applications of high salinity, brine and acidic fluids found in Fish Farms and Recirculated Aquaculture Systems.


  • Robust and durable structure
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Simple maintenance
  • High efficiency motors

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