Mat-kuling commissions bureau veritas as third party quality qualifier
Bureau Veritas in MAT KULING Factory
  • Post last modified:April 18, 2024
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Agreement with Bureau Veritas

After an agreement with Bureau Veritas MAT-KULING facilities will be incorporating the third-party quality testing service directly inhouse. This will solidify MAT-KULING’s position in the aquaculture market with an emphasis on quality and production excellence ensuring that all equipment undergoes inspection according to the specifications of the customer, as well as international and local standards.

Every day, Bureau Veritas specialists inspect the production line and collaborate with the MAT-KULING quality team to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

“Our products were already being delivered in excellent quality. From now on they will also be tested inhouse by a third party to ensure that all products have a standard seal and this will allows us to enrich our relationships with the customers.” Mr. Bjorn Dorum, MAT-KULING’s chairman and co-founder.

MAT-KULING prioritizes environmental preservation and sustainability in its product delivery, particularly in seafood consumption. Daily inspections are now conducted to verify that materials used in production do not leave harmful traces in the environment, ensuring a standard quality for consumers. This approach involves manufacturers, buyers, consumers, communities, and animals, all benefiting from MAT-KULING’s commitment to sustainability.

Bureau Veritas in MAT-KULING Factory