Mat-kuling expands further in asia
  • Post last modified:April 18, 2024
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MAT-KULING confirms its focus on the fast-developing Aquaculture RAS solution market in Asia with Wonjin Fisheries Co.Ltd. in South Korea.

Mat-kuling & wonjin agreement signing. From left to right taner bilgic, erdem akartepe, lee ju-seuk
From Left to right Taner Bilgic, Erdem Akartepe, Lee Ju-Seuk

Wonjin has been involved in Aquaculture of Seafood for more then 30 years and brings onboard deep insight into the South Korean market specialties.

How can we be successful in South Korea unless we have a foot on the ground and the good knowledgeable partner. Björn Dörum Chairman of MAT-KULING

Already Wonjin and MAT-KULING as partners have won large contracts.

Wonjin visit at MAT-KULING Factory

Wonjin’s team, recently visited MAT-KULING’s factory in Izmir, Turkey, to receive training on the RAS equipment produced by MAT-KULING. This technical visit is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance their capabilities in ongoing land-based aquaculture projects involving shrimp, grouper, salmon, and seaweed, for which MAT-KULING supplies equipment.

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