Freshwater protein skimmers
Freshwater Protein Skimmers
  • Post last modified:November 29, 2020
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The need of fresh water Foam Fractionators

MAT announces the release of its newest development in fresh water aquaculture RAS filtration equipment: MAT freshwater protein skimmers. So far fresh water hatcheries, mainly salmon hatcheries have been operating without the use of protein skimmers. Recent developments and the need of more stable and secure pre smolt salmon production ignited the design trend of adding Protein Skimmers in pre smolt salmon lifecycle. During pre smolt stage, salmons are kept at freshwater tanks in high population. This is the stage that farms needed better water parameters to achieve optimal salmon growth.

Since mid 2018, salmon farmers requested MAT to develop a mechanical filtration system that would safely infuse ozone into the water column and provide optimum protein removal when operating in fresh water. The alternative solutions available in the market were seawater protein skimmers slightly modified to operate in fresh water viscosity. The particularity of salmon farms fresh water protein skimmer, consists of higher Venturi pump pressure and uniquely designed Venturi has injector to achieve proper gas infusion and the creation of refined gas bubbles. The higher pressure and refined gas bubbles achieve satisfactory protein fluid elevation, resulting in the protein fractionation.

MAT spent over 12 months testing different venturis injectors design on skimmer bodies and trialed many venturi pumps to achieve fresh water protein skimming equal to salt water viscous results.

Today we are proud to state that our fresh water protein skimmers are ready to secure better water parameters to all salmon farms. Our equipment has been designed from scratch and deliver the best quality of protein removal from any other equivalent protein skimmer in the market. The new freshwater protein skimmer has a new body, new protein cap collector design, higher head pump, new specially designed Venturi and optionally, we offer foam level automated controller. The new automation is a must have addition for those farms that operate under scarce fresh water sources.

Contact us today to receive technical data, specifications and competitive pricing for your salmon hatchery or any other demanding fresh water aquaculture application.

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