World water day 2019
World Water Day 2019
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Save Water | World Water Day

Is a day to take notice of the importance of water, how we consume and use this most precious of resources of our environment. The concern is not only having sufficient water to satisfy our needs, but the efficient manner in which we use this finite resource. Water has become one of our biggest concerns for our society, it’s importance to all aspects of our continued existence. One of the many ways we are working towards securing our future is thought the life giving nature of water in aquaculture to understand water in which we can provide a sustainable future by active and productive management. Understanding water quality is paramount to food production of plants and animals this in turn secures our future. Understanding not only the chemistry and biology of water but the animals is the key to a sustainable future.

Water in Recirculating Aquaculture

Fortunately, RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) can likely to provide a cleaner, greener, safer alternative to open-water fis production that does not compete with other ocean resources. RAS are contained systems that are designed correctly to recycle the water in fish holding tanks. These systems are land-based and they reduce the carbon footprint by being located near to the end user. As a result, RAS when correctly designed will reduce discharge wastewater and the need for antibiotics or chemicals in the operation of the system.

Especially on MAT Recirculating Aquaculture Systems a total of 95% of the water is recycled on hourly basis by the efficient MEP equipment.