RAS Equipment Design & Manufacturing

MAT-KULING fabricates the complete RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) of Bakkafrost’s site at Áir on the Faroe Islands. MEST has installed the system in cooperation with MAT-KULING. During installation work our team sent us some pictures we can present you here in the article.

Employing a prefabricated approach, the unit is seamlessly integrated as a “plug and play” solution, effectively optimizing space and energy utilization. Its multifaceted design incorporates mechanical, biological, chemical, and disinfectional water treatment components, meticulously engineered to uphold the most stringent environmental standards. Additionally, integrated control systems streamline the daily operation, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The RAS unit boasts an array of cutting-edge equipment, including a drum filter, protein skimmer, ozone generator, MBBR filter, trickle filter, UV-filter, and heat exchanger. Furthermore, various sensors such as level, ORP, pH, temperature, flow, and pressure sensors, alongside a control cabinet, enhance its functionality.

Crafted from high-grade plastic materials such as PP and PVC, the entire unit stands as a testament to durability, efficiency, and sustainability in aquaculture practices.

List of Equipment

The RAS unit is equipped with the following equipment:

Fabrication of the complete ras at bakkafrost, faroe islands
Design & Fabrication of the Complete RAS at Bakkafrost