MAT-KULING in the USAGE project had the honor to design, manufacture, install and commission the Aquaponic system in close cooperation with its partner NIVA, which was delivered to Norway and Poland.

What is the USAGE Project by NIVA

In the USAGE project, NIVAworks with solutions and services that contribute to the green and blue cities of the future. In concrete terms, USAGE is about combining the production of food in a compact aquaponic system together with the handling and reuse of surface water and roof water as a resource into this production.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a production method that combines fish farming and water-based plant production (hydroponics) in a closed circulation system. The water is circulated to reduce water consumption and the waste products from the fish are used as food for the plants. Even if the system is based on circulating water, there will be a need for refilling since plants consume water and, in addition, there is evaporation from the system. In USAGE, we will see if we can reuse e.g., roof water (rain that runs off the roof) as an alternative water source to clean tap water. It will be able to help handle storm water and roof water in a sustainable way, while at the same time we reuse this as a resource.

In the USAGE Project, NIVA tests an aquaponic system that is installed on the Natur Secondary School in Oslo, and a similar system is operated in Wroclaw, Poland.


To gather relevant actors for valuable dialogue across disciplines and sectors related to urban cultivation and aquaponics for exchange of experience and inspiration NIVA conducted a seminar.

MAT-KULING at the NIVA Seminar

MAT-KULING Vannbehandling introduced the facility that is being set up outside Natur Secondary school in connection with the USAGE project and Natur, and shared their experiences with aquaponics and motivation to be part of USAGE.

Usage project by niva, norwegian institute for water research
Aquaponics NIVA USAGE Project