Type of FishWater VolumePower ConsumptionRequired OperatorsProduction CapacityProject Location
Sea Bream, Sea Bass,
Meager, Salmon Bass
10 Tanks: 20 m³/ Tank
Total: 200 m³
10 RAS SKD 1000:
240 KW/Day per Tank
178 -100 Million JuvenilesAkbuk, Didim, Turkey

Egemar Marine Aquaculture Project Scope of Work

The project scope of the Egemar Marine Aquaculture Facility is the development of a completely new fish hatchery with multi-stage RAS equipment. Egemar’s target is to produce saltwater fish production for both domestic and international markets. Currently their hatchery produces Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Meager and Salmon Bass among others. With this new investment, the company reached a hatchery and nursery capacity of nearly 100 million juveniles.

Egemar (Egemar Su Ürünleri ve Gıda) has chosen MAT-KULING to provide all the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) equipment to their new fish hatchery. Its location is the town of Akbuk in Turkey’s Aegean coast. The project consists of 10 tanks with a volume capacity of 20 m3 each. Moreover their filtration flow rate is 40 m3/h and their maximum biomass load is 20 kg/m3. All RAS equipment is fully automatic. In addition it reduces the mechanical and operational functions as well as it requires less operational staff. Furthermore, all equipment, water systems and alarm functions can be monitored online. The Egemar project is an innovative example of MAT-KULING aquaculture recirculation systems in Turkey. This new RAS equipment helped Egemar to increase the egg production by 20% when compared to older systems in the facility.

Aquaculture Services for Egemar

MAT-KULING provided site analysis, system planning, equipment design, manufacture and supply, equipment installation and commissioning services and technical training to operations staff.

Recirculating Aquaculture Equipment

The installed equipment consists of 10 RAS skid units. Each system includes a protein skimmer PS-1000 with a skimmer flow rate of 30 m3/h, a mechanical pressurized glass media filter with a total flow rate of 20 m3/h, a RAS trickle filter T-1500 with a 40 m3/h flow rate and a UV disinfection unit PE-22 supplying a flow rate of 22 m3/h. Additionally, each skid comprised a set of accessories and internal piping, valves, pumps, and instruments.

Egemar marine aquaculture ras skid systems