Type of FishPower ConsumptionRequired OperatorsProduction CapacityProject Location
Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Meager4 X PS-1500: 422,4 KW/Day

1100 million juvenilesIzmir, Turkey

Recirculating Aquaculture Farm Scope

MAT provided the RAS equipment for Ilknak hatchery facilities in Izmir, Turkey. Ilknak is a renowned fish farm and hatchery company with a predominant position in the local and global market, concentrating its production in Sea Bream, Sea Bass, and Meagre. With an annual capacity of 100 million juveniles, Ilknak Aquaculture represents high-quality and reliability, supplying always fresh products to its customers.

We were appointed by Ilknak Aquaculture to perform the execution of this project. The Life Support Systems equipment was installed in their facilities in the town of Denizkoy, 100 km. north of Izmir, Turkey. Various protein skimmer units were mounted in the factory’s juvenile hatchery tanks. The skimmers included control systems for a better performance and monitoring processes. Ilknak’s protein skimmers were one of our very first projects in which MAT had the pleasure to participate. The good functionality of the equipment demonstrates that our work and equipment is guaranteed.

Recirculating Aquaculture Services & Equipment

MAT delivered the design, installation and commissioning of all the equipment.

The equipment includes 4 fully automated protein skimmers. The units consist of four PS-1500 models with flow rates of 151 m³/h respectively. All protein skimmer units carry MAT’s uniquely engineered Venturi, which infuses the correct balance amount of Oxygen and Ozone inside the skimmer body as well as a set of accessories, valves, pumps, and instruments.

Recirculating aquaculture farm ilknak
Recirculating Aquaculture Farm