Eyvi and Hima Seafood Project

MAT-KULING has started the production and delivery of Protein Skimmers, Ozone Generators, Foam Extractors and Ozone Destructors for the new Hima Seafood project which is under design-built construction by Eyvi. 9.000 tons Rainbow trout will be produced in a Land Based Aquaculture Facility, in Rjukan, Norway.

MAT KULING will provide ozone-skimming equipment as 13 fully functional sets including all sensors, electrical control, automation, and even operational platforms. EYVI has chosen MAT-KULING equipment for the HIMA project to treat 11200m³/h flow with Protein Skimmers and 23,6 kg/h Ozone dosage which will be produced by multiple MAT KULING ozone generators.

“We are proud to been chosen by Eyvi for this milestone for the Land Based Trout Facility and happy to be part of Hima Seafood project for a more sustainable aquaculture.”

Commissioning of the first deliveries

The first deliveries for the Hima Seafood Project by Eyvi from MAT-KULING have commenced, signifying a crucial step in this collaborative venture. MAT-KULING is proud to supply top-quality equipment for the efficient operation of the seafood facility in Norway. This collaboration emphasizes a commitment to excellence, combining Eyvi’s vision with MAT-KULING’s expertise to create a cutting-edge facility. With deliveries underway, the project moves closer to delivering premium seafood products sustainably.

Equipment at eyvi & hima seafood, rjukan-norway