Modern RAS Technology for Land Based Rainbow Trout Fish Farm

MAT-KULING FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES was awarded to provide RAS technology design and equipment for the close circuit farm filtration system of the famous Ferme Piscicole des Bobines trout farm, in Canada. MAT designed a system taking into consideration the strict quality standards the client set and in the same time followed the Canadian Environmental Impact Assessment for disposal of fish farm waste water.

The Famous Ferme Piscicole des Bobines Trout Fish Farm

Ferme piscicole des bobines
Ferme Piscicole des Bobines

Quebec has around 28000 farms of various sizes and productions. Normand Roy began modestly raising rainbow trout in the basement of his parents’ dairy farm house in Saint-Malo, in the Eastern Townships. Today, 56 years later, the Ferme Piscicole des Bobines, in East Hereford, still in the Eastern Townships, is the largest producer of trout in Quebec and will soon become the most important closed circuit trout breeding farm in Canada, while production will increase from 210 to 460 tones of trout per year. MAT-KULING is the technological partner for this production development.

Customized Complete RAS Skid Equipment

For the purposes of this land based trout fish farm we developed a custom version of our RAS Skid Filtration Units. The MAT-KULING-2000 is composed of foam fractionators (designed for freshwater protein skimming operation), MBBR filters, Trickle Filters, UV Filters, ORP control instruments and PH probes. RAS-2000 is equipped with MAT UVs designed to handle each over 150-250 m³/h water flow, reaching to an average of 400J/m² radiance.

Compete recirculating aquaculture system
Recirculating aquaculture skid filtration system with the smallest footprint per biomass filtered. Fully integrated plug & play and tested. It covers mechanical, biological, chemical and disinfection filtration processes with low energy consumption and ease of operation.

Commissioning, Installation and Training

The logistics organization for this job was challenging, since we had to protect the plastic joints from extreme low temperatures during the expedition. Therefore, our plastic PP material used on the RAS-2000 was made in Germany and shipped from Turkey to Canada inside an insulated container to protect the PP, PVC and PE equipment from the low-temperature thermal effect. MAT`s North America preferred installer, Longhorn Organics, performed the testing and commissioning on behalf of MAT Projects Department and completed the training session to the farm operators.

MBBR & Biological Filtration in RAS

For this special trout farm we incorporated two types of biological media, our MAT-KULING MBBR reactor operates with BM1000 and BM4500 media to ensure the maximum bacteria inhabitance and stability. The biomedia used are both made of non recycled plastic to ensure longevity of the biological pellet under harsh farm conditions. The BM1000 allows over 1000m²/m³ surface area and BM4500 has over 4500m²/m³ surface area. All MBBR reactors are equipped with photoelectric level sensors which take all safety measures to protect the equipment, the mechanical rooms and the smooth operation of the farm.

Clement Roy: “The heart of our new state of the art hatchery”

As Clement Roy, states in his recommendation letter:

From the beginning of the project until the start-up of the system, we felt that the MAT aquaculture team was entirely dedicated to the success of our project. The quality of the service and of the product is undoubtedly the main value of MAT team of professionals. This system was designed to be the heart of our new state of the art hatchery. I, Clement Roy, am proud to strongly recommend the expertise and competence of MAT Filtration Technologies.

Clement Roy, Co-Owner of Ferme Piscicole des Bobines inc.

Eco-Responsible Breeding in Land Based Aquaculture

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) at the Ferme Piscicole des Bobines trout farm

The Bobines Fish Farm operates the largest rainbow trout breeding site in Quebec. It is recognized as the only Quebec company to process rainbow trout directly on the farm. Since 1980, the Bobines Fish Farm has been committed to producing and processing superior quality rainbow trout, all in an environment that promotes sustainable and responsible aquaculture.

The closed circuit RAS of the Bobines Fish Farm recycles and filters rearing water, which is designed and fabricated by MAT. The latest RAS technology installed ensures compliance with the highest environmental standards.

Advanced ras for the ferme piscicole des bobines trout farm
RAS Technology & Equipment for Les Bobines Rainbow Trout Fish Farm