Swiss Lachs – Land Based Salmon Farming

MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES was awarded to supply the Land Based Salmon Farming RAS equipment to Swiss Alpine fish A.G. Swiss Lachs, located in Switzerland. Swiss Lachs is the first and only salmon farm in Switzerland that produces premium alpine salmon and processed salmon at a closed land based farm.

Premium alpine salmon
Premium Alpine Salmon

Swiss Lachs gets its salmon eggs from Iceland. In less than a year the fish reach a weight of 150gr and in another 10 to 12 months they reach the harvest average size of 3.5 kg.

Land Based Salmon Farming RAS

The farm’s Recirculating Aquaculture System is designed taking into consideration the highest sanitation standards as well as all aspects of ethical animal welfare farming. The facility’s unique RAS system allows fish to live happily in a sanitized and virus free environment with a continuous flow of clean fresh water to swim in.

Land based salmon farming ras
Land Based Salmon Farming RAS

The operations team measures and remotely controls the water quality automatically 24/7. Swiss Lachs farm uses an exclusively developed high quality fish feed, free of ethoxyquin and antibiotics.

MAT designed and fabricated multiple purpose built protein skimmers for fresh water systems for salmon farms. The complex life cycle of the salmon and its high body mass growth rate, demanded RAS equipment that can handle intense fish farming. MAT was selected to provide filtration technology to increase the effectiveness of the previously installed filtration system and to support the stability and effectiveness of the intensive salmon production. Our team completed the project in just 45 days.

Freshwater Protein Skimmers

MAT Freshwater Protein Skimmers used in this salmon farm produce steadily a thick foam that is automatically controlled enabling the farm to operate using less recovery water and in full control of the protein levels within the water volume of the tanks. This automation, succeeds in significant protein fractionation that results in multiple benefits to the stability of the pH, the retention and high level of oxygen & in the same time, keeps the complex biological reactions of the farms recirculated water at stable and salmon safe levels. MAT’s standard ozone control protocol is applied implementing the three point redox measurement for continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the protein skimmers and our ozone generators.

MAT is an one stop shop for effective solutions in applied RAS applications for intense salmon farming. Contact us for any intensive RAS application requests.

Land based salmon farming ras
Land Based Salmon Fish Farm - Swiss Lachs